First Design Demo

This project was done for the Global Game Jam at ETS in 48h with a team of 4 people. This was my first successful game jam project. Our team went on to be featured on the internal company website and it helped me get recognized as a game designer.

This is a Snake game with procedural elements made in Unity.

  • Eating yellow units makes the snake longer

  • Eating red units makes the snake shorter

  • Go through the snake's tail and it will be cut at the point of contact

  • The longer the snake, the faster it goes, the more points you are awarded

  • Units are spawned procedurally and are infinite

  • The goal is to get a high score inside the time limit

The game was pretty fun especially for the duration it took us to make it. There is a risk reward aspect, if the game gets too hard for you, you can eat red units on purpose to slow it down and make it manageable again.